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PROLINE IT is a leading distributor and manufacturer of blank pre-recording media for personal, professional and business use. Offering a large selection of CD/DVD Recordable Media, Labels and Media Packaging Accessories. We offer extremely competitive pricing with our wide range of products. We carry quality and reliable media products from leading manufacturers. Our services include  CD/DVD Replication Systems, Offset printing up to 5 colors as well as complete CD/DVD Duplication & Replication Services.

Our Core Values

• Integrity and respect in treating suppliers, customers and employees.
• Distinguished customer service for all, regardless of sales volume.
• Continuous search for the best quality and value for our customers.
• Creating employment opportunities for our communities.

Why Choose Proline IT

Our experience: combined with our commitment to remain on the cutting edge of disc manufacturing, design and custom packaging has provided our clients with the competitive edge .
Quality: Using quality materials is vital when manufacturing discs. At PROLINE IT we only use Grade A Material
Competitive Pricing: We offer a competitive pricing structure without sacrificing the quality of our products. With no hidden fees there will be no surprises.
Turn Time: fastest in the industry. Get CD/DVD duplication/replication in 2 – 7 working days.
Easy Ordering: Placing your order is easy. Order online in a few simple steps or by calling us to speak with one of our sales representatives. We’re always happy to assist you.

What is the difference between DVD 5, DVD 9 and DVD 10?

  • DVD 5 is a Single sided, single layer DVD and can hold 4.7Gb of data
  • DVD 9 is a Single sided, dual layer DVD and can hold 8.5Gb of data
  • DVD 10 is a Double sided, single layer DVD and can hold 9.4Gb of data

How many minutes of video can I fit onto a DVD 5/DVD 9?

During the Authoring process, the video is encoded as MPEG2. This allows for variable bitrates. The higher the bit rate, the better the image quality and the bigger the file size. One average, a DVD 5 can hold up to 90 minutes of video, and a DVD9 up to 180 minutes.

Do you offer copy protection for CD?

PROLINE IT does not do CD copy protection locally. We will, however, be happy to facilitate the process of having your CD project Copy protected and Mastered at an International partner.

I want to do an MP3 disc, what do I need to know about the playability of this format in certain drives?

An MP3 disc will play on most computer systems and almost all portable players eg. iPhone, Zune etc., but only certain CD players are able to play MP3 discs. If you intend to play your CD in your car, then you should check and see if the player is configured to play MP3 disc's

Why can I not see the track listing in ITunes or Windows Media player?

Assuming your disk has been professionally authored, either your software is not configured to go online and get the information from the CDDA database, or the album has not been registered on the CDDA database.

What is CD text?

CD Text is an extension of the CD specification which allows for additional information (e.g. Album, track and artist names) to be stored on the CD. CD Text compatible players will then display this information while the CD is played.

What is the difference between Duplication and Replication?

Duplication is when data is burned onto blank CD’s/DVD’s by means of CD/DVD writers. Duplication is a good option for small quantity, quick turnaround orders.
Replication is the process of manufacturing the CD/DVD from raw material and the data is physically moulded into the plastic CD. Replication is ideal for larger production runs.

Can I supply my CD/DVD master as an CD/DVD Image file?

PROLINE IT can accept DDP v2.0 image files. Other image files specific to certain CD/DVD writing package (e.g. Nero) are not supported.

How is my CD/DVD Master checked at PROLINE IT?

PROLINE IT uses a state-of-the-art Eclipse Pre-Mastering system. This system verifies the format of the master and will also detect any unreadable sectors on the disc. It still remains the duty of the client to view/listen to their master to ensure that there are no embedded errors on the disc (e.g. audio mutes, clicks, blank/incorrect video etc.)

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
- Winston Churchill
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    What is a CD? The CD (Compact Disc) is an optical disc used to store data. Today it is most often used for music as the DVD & higher capacity has all but replaced it as a data medium for computers and interactive games. The CD is capable of storing up to 80 minutes of audio or about 700 Mb of data. The CD presents as a disc 120 mm in diameter and 1.2 mm thick. It is a single layer of poly-carbonate plastic with a single layer for information. The plastic is molded with the information and a thin layer of aluminium is added to create the reflective surface. […]

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    PROLINE IT is the only choice for all your DVD replication, duplication, authoring and printing needs. We have the experience, skills and facilities to fulfill any and every order for any client’s specific needs. What is a DVD? A DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is an optical disc used to store data like the CD but with a much greater capacity. DVD’s are used to store audio and data and are used as the medium for videos and many interactive games. The standard single-sided, single layer DVD can store up to 4.7 GB worth of data but there are others capable of storing nearly four times that amount. Like a CD […]

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    PROLINE IT offers a variety of packaging options. Most packaging services are automated but hand packing options are available for special requirements. This includes shrink wrapping and other wrapping services. PROLINE IT will also apply stickers, if requested. The packaging options available at PROLINE IT include: •  Paper sleeves •  Slim case •  Jewel single, double or multiple cases •  Shell cases •  Ejectors •  DVD single, double or multiple boxes •  Digipaks •  CD and DVD Super Jewel Boxes

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    For more information regarding any of our CD and DVD protection software services, please contact PROLINE IT sales team

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    Imagine an ordinary compact disc that can be customized into virtually any shape. Imagine its shape as your logo, or perhaps a visual representation of your brand. Now imagine that this revolutionary CD works as a playing CD or CD-ROM… THAT’S A SHAPED CD! No longer just the medium to deliver your message, your unique Shaped CD itself becomes a compelling and strategic part of your message. Your message comes alive as a powerful vehicle that consumers see, hear,  feel and interact with over and over again. WE BRING YOUR MESSAGE TO LIFE!

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For the production of large numbers of discs PROLINE IT offers professional Replication services. The focus is on quality and security. Our advanced facilities ensure that the highest quality discs are manufactured according to strict international regulations.


For smaller orders PROLINE IT also offers disc Duplication services. Like our replication facilities, our duplication facilities guarantee a high quality discs no matter what the content.


Allow the graphic design team at PROLINE IT to create the designs, booklets and images for your CD and DVD projects.

Our talented graphic designers can transform your vision into reality. Services include the design of discs, booklets, inlays and much more.
• Printing Business Cards
• Printing CD Postives-Cliches
• Printing Ink Jet
• Printing Label Printing
• Printing Mini CD
• Printing Offset


PROLINE IT offers a range of packaging options. Select from a variety of different package mediums and finishing techniques including blister packaging, shrink wrapping and over wrapping. We also offer specialized packaging for special events or products on request. Please also see packing catalogue for all options available to meet your needs, if we do not have anything in the catalogue we will source it for you
• Shrink Wrapping        • Over Wrapping      • Stickering     • Freighting
Once your discs have been created, printed and packaged, our logistics team can deliver them to their destination.
Types of Packaging:
• 2 page booklet for Cd or DVD                • CD Booklet 2011                  •  12 page booklet for CD or DVD
• CD Inlays                                                                  • DVD Booklet                      • 3 Panel Digipack 2 trays back - up
• 4 page booklet for CD or DVD               • DVD Fat Sleeve                • 4 Page Digipack 1 tray back - up
• DVD Sleeve Slim Box                                      • 8 page booklet for CD or DVD
• DVD sleeve Standard                                       • Maxi Single inlay          • Back inlay for CD or DVD

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